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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:'Ye 'Old code.
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 03/10/2002 17:31:08


Thanks for the response. Here are some comments.

1. You say,

"...when I write "X" work does not mean it is his exclusive work or that it was done by "X" solely by himself"

OK, what do you mean when you say X's work?

2. You write,

"I am sorry if this made Carmen feel left out, it was never my intention. I'll include more detail about authors in the future to avoid hurting feelings"

Congradulations - this will serve as a excellent example of monumental Cause-Effect semantic ill-formedness for trainers in the future work. In fact, Carmen hasn't even seen the statement yet.

3. You quote the back flycover of "Persuasion Engineering" where you find the statement,

"He (Bandler) created Neuro-Linguistic Programming..."

Then you say,

" doesn't include the word "sole creator"."

By this analysis, the sentence,

"Einstein created relativity"

is unspecified as to who created relativity - really?

You conclude,

"So I guess you are right to be upset."

I didn't say that I was upset - I wrote that the person (NLPer) who presented the book to us was irate. Myself, I was amused that Bandler would attempt to pass off such a statement. I was curious about what he would attempt next - it turned out to be filing more law suits against me and other members of the NLP community.

Thank you for you kind comments about Whispering.

All the best,


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