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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Application - Best Ways To Catalogue State
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 27/11/2002 14:30:12

Hi Michael,

As I see it, anchors are more about intention rather than specific fingers, toes, knuckles or other areas of the body when you've run out of places. By that I mean that you can have the same anchor for a whole variety of different states and the one triggered off depends on your prior intention.

There's an interesting exercise you can do with a partner to clarify this. Set two different visual anchors (e,g, gestures)for two seperate states. Then use the gesture for the first state whilst holding the intention to trigger the second. You will find that the second triggers despite using the gesture for the first.

So what does this tell us? Well, anchoring is actually a full body experience, and is controlled more by the overall state you are in rather than the specific anchor used (your state is the anchor). Secondly, what triggers the state is your intention to do so and the recursive loop already set up with your partner.

Part of your question is about the unconscious generation of the right state for the job at hand. It seems to me that if you are in a high performance "flow" type state then you have access to whatever state is appropriate, moment by moment, based on a real time calibrated feedback/feedforward loop (unconscious of course!). The trick I suppose is how do you set your unconscious up to do this automatically!

As I see it, your unconscious needs to have free access to all your resource states. Yet we all know that a particular context can elicit an unresourceful state, preventing that free access, hence the desire to have an anchor to fire off. This is the basis of what many would call therapy! So how can this be set up?

One way that I have played around with (with differing degrees of success)is to collapse multiple resource states together (10,15,20 or more) and seed them cross contextually into multiple areas of life (work, home, leisure, socialising etc etc) so that the contextual triggers fire off the appropriate state. The various state bound resources then become available regardless of the starting state. That's the theory anyway...I still need the practice!



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