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Topic: Design
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 31/01/2003 16:12:06

Hi RobMan and John,

I thought "design" deserved a thread of its own.

John you wrote in reply to RobMan's statement: "I agree that not ALL design has such an explicit criterion...yet some MAY... Could we have an example, please?"

As I see it, all design is working towards a specific criterion, even if it is only in answer to the very simple question "Does it work?" In design, I have a specific outcome in mind which is, in effect, like a TOTE, with the exit point being the successful accomplishment of a task or the display of a particular behaviour etc...

The following is an example of a design to get me started on an ecological choice of outcome. Let me know what you think about it.

Set out the following spatial locations as a template across the floor:

1. A space for Outcome - leave it blank at present.

2. A space for "Values". Think about each of your core values, step into an experience of each and anchor it.

3. Spaces for each of the three perceptual positions.

4. A space for "Desired and Got". Think of times you really wanted something and got it...and it is still a good decision as you look back on it (ecology). Find examples in multiple contexts and anchor the feeling of "desiring/wanting".

5. A space for "Determined and Did". Times you were certain you were going to do/be/have some thing/quality, and it it is  still a good decision looking back on it. Anchor the feeling of "determined".

6. A space for Being your Best Self. e.g. grounded, centred, peripheral vision, and any other resources that typify you at your best.

With this template you decide what you want in space one. You take this outcome into "Values" paying attention to your signal for congruence/incongruence. If you get the incongruence signal go back to "Want" and update the outcome with that info.

When  what you want is congruent with Values step into all three perceptual positions "as-if" you had achieved the outcome, paying attention to congruent/incongruent in each position. If incongruent, go back to "want" and update your outcome with the new information.

When outcome is congruent in all 3 PP's step into "Desired" thinking about your outcome coming towards you. As the feeling builds, step into "Determined", and as that feeling builds step into Being your Best Self, achieving the outcome. Once you have fully savoured it step out of the space leaving it as a dissociated picture...with date of completion stamped on the bottom if you want.

For several years I had "toyed" with the idea of writing a book, and never got round to it, despite several plans and ideas. Within 48hours of running that outcome through the above process I had started it (I couldn't not start it) and finished in 6 months - followed by successful publication through a reputable publisher.

I must admit I am wary about what I put through the process because I find it very powerful ;o)


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