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Topic: Re:Design
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 31/01/2003 18:07:00


Obviously, the design worked for you - lovely and congratulations.

Comments about the design - overly complex, excellent with respect to insisting on explicit unconscious involvement in a systematic way.

You wrote,

"As I see it, all design is working towards a specific criterion, even if it is only in answer to the very simple question" Does it work?"

The specific criterion I mentioned previously - the convergence of a learner's behavior with the behavior of the original model after the learner has incorporated the explicit model that resulted from the modeling project - is a stable across modeling projects.

Possibly (although intuitively, I have doubts) the decomposition of the the question, "Does it work?" through the application of some set of tools (rep systems, verbal package...) might yield a criterion of the same level of generality as the criterion for modeling. I would be interested in seeing the results of such a decomposition.

Again, let's us agree that NLP modeling (as defined by Carmen and me in Whispering is a very special way of capturing excellence in the world about us and as such constitutes only one such avenue (with its particular strengths and limitations) - however, it is one that has already proven its worth. In large part, what Carmen and I attempted in Whispering was to make the set of distinctions to rescue this powerful form from being lost in the analytic activities that altogether too often called modeling by wanna be NLP modelers.

All the best,


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