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Topic: Re:More or less unconscious design...
Posted by: Jon Edwards
Date/Time: 02/02/2003 15:50:14

Hi roBman,

(The forum seems a bit flaky this afternoon, so apologies if this post shows up more than once)

Just to pick up on one point you've discussed with John, you wrote -

"After all when we attempt to imitate another person (with f2 suspened) then surely this is a good example of our unconscious mind "designing" new behaviours/reps"

I think you're saying that once you've observed someone doing a particular behaviour, your un/conscious mind has to design/create/generate the sequence of physical movements to copy it? Which makes logical sense, but......  :-)

Have you looked into Mirror Neurons? (see my earlier post, or hit Google) From my limited layman's understanding, the work around Mirror Neurons suggests that the copying of behaviours/movements (often as micro-movements) is actually "hard-wired" into our brains. It's how we learn, before we know what learning is. Perhaps we have consciously learnt, at some point in our upbringing, *not* to do it - it might be socially unacceptable to mimic Aunt Mary's funny walk!

At the logical level of describing the process, I don't think this invalidates your point, but perhaps refines it slightly?

At the practical level of actually doing modelling, this helped me to understand that I don't have to deliberately "attempt to imitate another person", I just need to "get out of my own way" (to borrow Lewis' phrase) and let my mind do what it is built to do!

It says something about my learning patterns/filters that I had to see a scientific explanation before I really "got it"... but that's something I'm working on! :-)

Perhaps this is another "point of difference" between Modelling (as defined in WITW) and other, more conscious, processes for creating patterns?

Hope that helps!  :-)

Cheers, Jon

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