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Topic: Re:Re:Design
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 01/02/2003 12:45:56

Hi John,

You asked:"Possibly (although intuitively, I have doubts) the decomposition of the the question, "Does it work?" through the application of some set of tools (rep systems, verbal package...) might yield a criterion of the same level of generality as the criterion for modeling. I would be interested in seeing the results of such a decomposition."

If you have a live model then criterion is reproduction of that behaviour to at least the same level of said model. Presuming you go on to get a coding of that output you have the option of then experimenting with it to not only streamline it but to improve it - a design function where the criterion is demonstration of improved performance.

Many people make poor decisions...the saving grace often being that they also have a poor strategy for execution. Now, you can model someone who has a great decision and execution strategy from 2nd position and get similar results. However, the personal drivers for this strategy  may (for example) involve starting from feelings of extreme discomfort - you may not want to replicate that! (I can think of some artists whose creative activity and output is driven initially by extreme angst and internal conflict).

Working without a live model you can ask yourself what would a great decision and execution strategy need to have to make it fluid, flowing towards what you want and ecological - i.e. design the strategy with a criterion for excellence in the result. You can then answer the question "Does it work?" in digital format (yes/no) or better still on an anologue scale which allows you to readjust your design by recursion and feedback.

Of course design and modelling are easily combined...probably all the time...although you can do so by design! For example if you want to model a sports performer you can search your own personal history for times when you moved with grace, balance, great hand eye coordination, had endurance etc, etc. Having modelled the performer via second position you can streamline and accelerate your skills acquisition by adding and sequencing your own personal resources.

And we have said relatively little thus far on the design of completely new behaviours...

Thanks for asking the kind of question that really makes me have to think...even though it hurts my brain!

Enjoy your weekend,


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