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Topic: Meta-States
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 29/05/2003 11:20:01

I've been browsing this discussion forum, and Michael Hall's Meta-States concept keeps coming up and the request for a sensory based description.  A non-sensory summary seems to be "A state about a state".  Well what's the sensory description of a state?  Answer: various physiological/biological features.  Is not 'a state about a state' to do with physiological/biological features (starting state) that are exposed to alterations in thinking (i.e. another state,posture? physicality) and change... - An analog change.  Is not a meta-state just a method of creating changes to an original state by introducing another state - this chance could then be identified by sensory differences/changes to the original state?  What's the big deal?

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