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Topic: Re:Re:Meta-States
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 29/05/2003 14:39:53

Hi JS,

Interesting thoughts.  Yeh, I can see how the *aboutness* gets messy...what is the connection between the two states?  How does one affect the other?  You made a very good point about feeling about a conceptualization of another feeling.  What would  'sad about your anger' be, or 'glad about your anger'?  Maybe this could be related to a motivation strategy, or sequence of states...for example anger triggers a feeling of gladness which then reinforces the anger...or anger triggers a feeling of control which reduces the the anger.   If meta-states was like this, would this not be simply chaining states together.  Whose to say you can't have more than one state at the same time?  Perhaps its that?                                            
Here's a thought:  Have you ever met someone who is scared of getting angry?  I have.  Perhaps that's what Michael Hall is talking about, perhaps that fear of another emotion, even a slight experience of the state of anger, induces the other state fear.  Perhaps, that would fit his definition of a Meta-State????

Anyone?   :)

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