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Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 29/05/2003 18:25:23

What does consciousness feel like?  Good question..could be different for every individual.  I'd have to give you a tautology I'm afraid, it feels like consciousness nothing else quite cuts it.  And I get to experience it in different ways, different types of consciousness.  Perhaps I could suggest that it doesn't feel like some physical sensation on my body, or sound like anything, or look like anything, taste or smell like anything.  So what is it then...well its erhm consciousness. :)  Does something exist if you can't use your senses to detect it, or represent it with the senses isomorphically, I think so.  BTW a funny aside, there's a book on autism that has a line something along these lines "poetry is the process of lying, representing something as something it isn't   :)".  There are nuances of interpretation in poetry this joke/line ignores, but nonetheless I thought it quite amusing.

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