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Topic: Re:Re:A question concerning choices
Posted by: Jeisyn Credeur
Date/Time: 20/07/2002 00:28:06

John, Carmen, Sarah, et. al,

I've enjoyed this thread!

Taking John and Carmen's advice in both in "Whispering" and this thread regarding the inappropriateness of Cause-Effect descriptions of human action, should we not have The Chain of Excellence sequenced to significant choice points ("significant" can be defined by our individual criteria) so that the unconscious is fully participating in allowing us to elegantly make an assessment of the array from which behavior(s) X in C will be chosen?

In other words, if through Performance, State, Physiology and Respiriation we access an array of X, Y and Z in context C would we not be responding closer to FA 1 (neurological transforms) rather than  FA2- our own limited linguistic maps that may contain representations of  "no choice" and "limitation". Another way of saying this is would we not be responding to life unfolding rather than some story of what is occuring?

Additionally, if indeed this is an appropriate way of choosing, (if I'm misguided here please teach me!) should we not consider The Chain of Excellence at the level of  NLP Community? Specifically, training institutes dedicated to quality training and modeilng and practioners committed to truly doing NLP rather than contented oriented quagmire?

Finally, I was moved by the statement, "the choices we experience are quite satisfactory but we recognize a meta-principle; namely that if we persist in exercising a small set of successful choices, we are exposing ourselves to the significant risk of repetition with its devastating consequence of falling completely asleep with respect to new experiences - the source of new patterning."
I am witnessing some of the NLP community  falling asleep for sure. I believe "Whispering" is a deserved and pungent alarm clock. Watching my students here in Austin and reading some of the posts on this list I think a few have roused themselves from a slumber and others have hit the snooze button--repeatedly. And others still are lost in some dream of a dream of an gentle alarm going off somewhere in the distance.

More later,

Jeisyn Credeur
Austin, TX

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