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Topic: ReReRe:Re:A question concerning more choices
Posted by: sammy
Date/Time: 20/07/2002 16:18:04

MR Grinder isn't your thirdposition a distinction youchoose  thru using yoursenses and yourpersonal dictionary/operatives so you then use or create a source to be ready to use an array of choices and choose from an array of choices in a given present/future context? My concern with your thinking is if I go your way of thinking have I not previously set that third postion up mentally  and my F1 filters next time basically just start reflecting back to my preset original filtered third position being I had to use F2 filters to build an choose my choices Is this F2 OPERATION not a conscious choice/decision on your part rather than unconscious choice? Now when you are then connecting with your new experience what occurs next?  I see limitations here Mr Grinder as do I see you losing flexibility to lexperience more in F1 AND F2 positions to easily by having set preset filters previously?
Clearly Mr Grinder do you personally make such a distiction daily. Do you use all your senses first in first position or do you run to third tuneup and then go back to first?  Is that distiction you made(F2) when you are within the context or after?

I cannot see how such a instantly difference selection by you makes such a difference to having more choice. Will you not go back Mr Grinder and circle around and have less choice again by using this form?
When would you go into a not knowing state?
I rather just have my senses Mr Grinder (UNCONSCIOUS) processing and teach me what to do next. Its easier..No?

just thinkling outloud

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