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Topic: to: Dr. Grinder & Ms. Bostic St Clair, Re: 'program','behavior description', behavior instruction'
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 20/07/2002 02:48:46

Hello, Dr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic St Clair.

In the post this post replies to, you wrote:

"As with Whispering itself, the comments offered here are designed to stimulate a conversation - they certainly do not constitute a definition as Sarah requested. Hopefully, they offer a well enough defined vocabulary to permit the exchange of ideas to refine the central and key notion of choice in NLP applications."

Another term related to the term 'choice' is the term 'program'.

An NLP definition of the term 'program' is a noun meaning 'a description of an aspect of a  person's behavior'. 
Another NLP definition of the term 'program' is a verb, as in 'to program', meaning 'the performance of NLP skills on a client'.

NLP professionals who say that they program people or that they work with people's programs, can be understood to mean that:
'All behaviors of people are programs.'
'All people can be programmed.'
'All people can be programmed by NLP professionals.'
'People can experience changes in their programs.'
'An NLP professional can change a person's program.'
'NLP professionals program people for a living.'

But if someone thinks that an NLP professional can control the behavior of his or her clients, that someone misunderstands NLP terminology, or believes a false NLP marketing speal, or believes a deluded NLP professional, or runs away fast.

The term 'program' plays an important part in discourse about NLP.  I recommend the NLP community to separate use of the term 'program' into uses of the terms 'behavior instruction' and 'behavior description', until a more appropriate list of terms is widely adopted by the NLP community.

Using the terms 'behavior instruction' and 'behavior description' takes away the implications that the term 'behavior program' has for some people. 

A behavior instruction is different than a behavior you lead someone to do -a behavior instruction describes a human behavior in a way a human can act on.  A behavior instruction is not a communication that leads someone to do the behavior it communicates, necessarily.  A behavior instruction must include a behavior description, if the behavior the instruction teaches is new to the receiver of the instruction.

A behavior description is explicitly not a description of what you know a person intended to do and is also explicitly not a description of what a behavior results in - it is just a description of a behavior a person can do.  A person can perform a behavior described by a behavior description without having learned that behavior from someone else.

Here is a list of statements I think NLP professionals could make:

'People can follow behavior instructions.'
'People can learn from behavior descriptions.'
'NLP professionals teach people behavior instructions.'
'NLP professionals create behavior descriptions - models.'
'NLP professionals train people to perform behaviors that are NLP behavior instructions.'
'Some NLP professionals train people for a living.'
'Some NLP professionals develop NLP behavior descriptions for a living.'

NLP behavior descriptions are distinct in application from NLP behavior instructions which in turn are distinct from how NLP trainers teach NLP behavior instructions to NLP students. 

Using this terminology, NLP-modelling involves researching NLP behavior instructions.  NLP-modelling modelers are people who seek out and develop NLP behavior descriptions that can then be used as NLP behavior instructions by NLP trainers. 

I favor saying 'NLP modelers research NLP behavior descriptions...' over saying 'NLP modelers model NLP behavior models...'.


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