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Topic: Re: moving people into change
Posted by: Jason B
Date/Time: 22/10/2003 12:31:56

I agree that people should be helped to get what they "want"...and I question whether people really know what they really "want"

e.g. "I really want to develop my business into a massively successful enterprise"

Should I help this person develop ways of becoming more effective at business..?
What if he just wants a feeling of security for his new family? or to have better self respect?
What if you could accomplish your inner desires in new and exciting ways that are only just dawning on you.

If I can only see one door in the room, of course I am going to want to go through that one!
(what about all those other doors.. in the ceiling!.. look up in awe!)

Working out how people experience their reality, increasing the number of choices they have open to them, and discovering what they want from their want..can be interesting steps

maybe they would want something else, or maybe you can get what you really want in an easier form or way, now?!

Congruence is the other thing to ponder... I have some strong intuitions that internal dialogue, and 'stuckness', arise on the whole from internal conflict.. win-win agreements are the only real lasting solution

Get people what they really want, congruently

(My first post on this forum.. "Hi!" .. looking forward to even more thought provoking discussions.. and practice!  J.)

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