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Topic: Re:Thnk you for whispering
Posted by: Robert Holzhauser
Date/Time: 03/10/2002 02:23:24

My two cents:

Co-dependance is often related to over-specializing in one of the perceptual positions.  So it would probably be valuable to spend time with the triple description format to "rebalance" yourself. 

With regard to mourning - by mourning systematically via triple description you are ensured that the mourning process includes all of the relevant data - thus ensuring a more complete and rapid resolution.  I am not suggesting that you attempt to "edit" anything - just to fully access the relevant data from all 3 perceptual positions.

Also, speaking of rebalancing, mourning is a sort of rebalancing or readjusting to the relationship no longer being there.  There are certain positive functions that the relationship served.  It is appropriate to respect yourself by finding alternative methods of achieving those outcomes.  6-step reframing is one elegant way to do this.

Best Wishes,


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