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Topic: Feed Forward of Experience
Posted by: Eric
Date/Time: 25/02/2003 19:25:04

Hi Everyone,

In a past post somewhere on this website, when asked about beliefs John responds by saying that beliefs are a feed-forward of experience, and that they therefore interfere with direct sensory perection.

It seems to me that there may be many moments and many situations, where you might want to build in forms of feed-forward experience to build success (or enjoyment) in certain situations. In a review of my own experience, the greatest mistakes I have made in tangible situations (money, career, etc.), have been where I should have built feed-forward and hadn't. In non-sensory rich environments (like the DMV, most US schools, or some work environments) beliefs might offer a lot.

Is there a time for feed-forward, and a time for sensory experience, or should all of life be direct sensory experience? Or should we have those filters aimed where we want them?

I can halucinate what Castenada might say, but I'm not sure what I think about this yet.

- Eric

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