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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Feed Forward of Experience
Posted by: Eric Rudnick
Date/Time: 27/02/2003 02:12:15

"I would say that quite differently - more like, much of what I do in NLP with beliefs is to create a context in which the person with the limiting belief (one that they consider limiting) has an experience that is precisely one of the set of experiences that are counter-examples to that limiting belief- typically with behavioral presuppositions that prevent the client from recognizing the intention behind the task"

John, would you please elaborate on how you do the generalization part, as this is a peice I've had some trouble with lately in my work personally (more success w/ others than myself in this case). In a couple situations I've done things which were counterexamples, and which didn't generalize. Specifically in cases where there are/were multiple conflicting beliefs.

So, for example, you take a kid (22 years) who's been told his whole life that he's developmentally un-able. Then you give him amnesia, and put him through a semester at Harvard. After the semester, you wake him up. What happens?

Waking up,

- Eric

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