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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Feed Forward of Experience
Posted by: Eric Rudnick
Date/Time: 02/03/2003 05:07:41

John, and everyone,

My apologies for what seemed (at least to me) to be a long time before responding to this post, but personal application of ideas presented in the last post called.

Since time was a key element in the results desired, I opted to do much of the work as a standard reframe (using the format Michael Carroll presented elsewhere in this list), and have set the intention to test out the second method (building in a sequence of events that are examples of a new belief / counterexamples of an old one) as time and opportunity permits.

I also wish to make the following comment. NLP as it's applied among numerous trainers misses the exact piece discussed in this post. This is a pattern I've seen operating in numerous trainers that I have known, and have seen operating online. Many people involved in NLP have built in excellent behaviors that they haven't convinced themselves that they have. I see this as being the cause of almost everything I know of that could be called "unethical", or anything lacking in integrity, that is also in some way connected to the applications that are part of the endevour called NLP.

And to John:

"It depends on what you think of the quality of the educational system at Harvard"

While the successes that occurred in the domain of education, at the school I am using Harvard as analogy for were belief counterexamples, they weren't half as much counterexamples as things that took place in tribal, pre-civilized, right-hemisphere dominated world commonly known as the dorms...

Of course, I've heard that Harvard is kind of dry...

- Eric

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