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Topic: Re:Re:Feed Forward of Experience
Posted by: Eric Rudnick
Date/Time: 26/02/2003 20:56:12

On Building Beliefs:

"Look, the point is not a moral one - it is a perceptual one. Each feedforward filter has a price (the elimination of those classes of experience not congruent with or relevant to your objective) - there are cases in which you may be willing to pay that price. However, you are still paying the price. That was my point."

Ok, and of course let me mention that much of what we do in NLP with beliefs involves removing old beliefs, and therfore removing the perceptual costs of old beliefs.

I said:
"In a review of my own experience, the greatest mistakes I have made in tangible situations (money, career, etc.), have been where I should have built feed-forward and hadn't."

John replied:
"From a conscious perspective, I am certain that you are correct - now, check this with your own unconscious using an involutary signal system and note the response. This is an example from the same class of arrogant conscious mind productions as the left (relatively conscious, verbal) hemisphere declaring itself the "dominant" hemisphere."

Ok, a non-verbal response system says that that is mostly ture, but not exclusively. Of course, that response was coming directly from my conscious mind!

"Please examine the intention hehind this question. Would you really trust someone else's experience to decide the balance within your own experience - go experiment and ... let us know what you discover."

Ok, I have the reference experiences, and was asking for an opinion, not an answer. Obviously there is room for a ballance. And of course, 75% of the belief work I've done lately is removing those perceptual costs, precisely because they have been too costly (think of the perceptual costs of most limiting beliefs - they are extreme).

"I would say that cultivating the ability to change belief systems like you change your shirt and with full congruency when you step into each of a series of incompatible belief systems would be a worthy challenge for you or anyone for that matter,"

Of course. I misintrepred that you were arguing against having any beliefs whatsoever.

- Eric

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