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Topic: Dissemination of epistemology
Posted by: Keith
Date/Time: 06/06/2003 13:43:00


Is there an assumption (a hope) that the practise of modeling excellence will disseminate the epistemology of NLP as developed by Carmen and John?

How does this, will this, generalise across to parenting - the family context, early childhood, teenage years, where we develop our models of how to think and so behave in the world?  Surely the necessity for ‘change work’ in any society is indicative of a LACK OF parents whose epistemologies approach that of the one that Carmen and John have proposed, and a LACK OF parents who appreciate the systemic nature of living.

I ask how this will generalise across to parenting as there seems to be no such thing as a model for excellent parenting or even a desire to find one and explicate it.  It seems that we can help people expand their impoverished models of the world, AFTER THE FACT, but even though we know that we each develop our own models of the world in response to the most important influences in our lives, such as our parents, I see little in the way of encouraging the modeling of better parenting skills.  Of course this is next to impossible as there are no models to model in this particular field, and, it seems, there is no money to be made in such a venture and so... why bother.

It makes sense to me that if parents were to operate from the epistemology developed by Carmen and John then their children could model the behaviours that will be indicative of that epistemology and so have the requisite skills for continually refining and updating their skills and enjoying life rather than wasting time trying to figure out which reality/truth/religion is the best.  Having the ability to continually refine and update their skills I imagine such children will have maintained their modeling sensibilities as their primary learning strategy.  These children would then model any and all behaviours they find appealing and useful.

Of course, that is not going to happen... or is it? 

I have asked parents in NLP training contexts (including my own workshops on NLP and parenting) how they imagine they could achieve excellence in parenting now that they have learned NLP.  Almost without exception I have been met with a frown, and a change of subject, or the statement, “Now I know how to make my kids.....!”  None, I repeat, none of the parents I have spoken to have had the inclination to apply NLP to themselves in order to increase their flexibility in terms of relating to their children.  Instead, they want to know how to MAKE their kids behave in convenient ways.  I have yet to meet a parent who has approached parenting with the attitude that, “Here is a chance to discover those elements of my epistemology that are Ill Formed, by observing my behaviour with my children, and so a chance to refine and update my model of the world.”  I am continually amazed at the number of people who do NLP training and come out at the end thinking that NLP is something that you do to people.

Hence my question, “Will more modeling of excellence necessarily disseminate the epistemology of NLP?”  If not, then how? 

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