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Topic: Re:Dissemination of epistemology
Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 06/06/2003 15:33:36

"Surely the necessity for ‘change work’ in any society is indicative of a LACK OF parents whose epistemologies approach that of the one that Carmen and John have proposed, and a LACK OF parents who appreciate the systemic nature of living."

I don't agree completely. Epistemologies are a long way from behavior, and since as parents we are always working pretty much in the dark, there will always be mistakes made, things we miss, and therefore changework will always be useful if not necessary, as it always has been in some form or other. And since learning and change are really the same thing, I can't imagine a world where there will not be a need for changework.

But where I fully agree with you is that the focus of NLP changework, as applied to parenting, should be on the parents themselves, not in shaping the behaviors of children. Children are expert modelers, and will learn by example, no matter how good or bad that example is.

Since excellence in parenting comes in infinite varieties, depending on one's particular values, I wonder if "parenting" per se would be of a particular logical type that could be effectively modeled the way excellence could be modeled in other contexts. If it could, I believe there actually would be a lot of money in it. It's becoming more and more fashionable in the US, for example, to do everything possible to make your children the very best they can be. For the most part, it's a drive toward developing cognitive skills, but with the growing interest in emotional intelligence, you may be onto something. And it would be of value in a lot of other ways, obviously.

Good luck in your new endeavor.


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