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Topic: Re:Dissemination of epistemology
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 06/06/2003 18:24:10


Then we are both amazed by the huge percentage of people who do NLP in order to influence others and fail to even consider auto-application. The leverage point with respect to children and their development is precisely here - as Carmen and I propose strongly in our trainings:

1. You don't have anything even approximating mastery with respect to a pattern (let alone, NLP applications) until you have achieved competency in self-application

2, You have no right to offer applications of patterning to others (outside of a voluntary practice group) until you have achieved competency in self application

If you wish to disfuse NLP applications in the world, be a congruent model of the excellence that naturally comes from such (self) applications. This is particularly the case with respect to children who are less impressed than adults by verbal presentations and attend primarily to what you actually do.

As Carmen and I proposed in Whispering, a messenger incongruent with the message s/he carries is not believed nor should they be.

As to an effective method for disseminating the epistemology presented in Whispering, I can bbq exquisitely wild Pacific salmon.

All the best,


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