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Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 08/07/2003 15:02:41

Thanks for the link John, very interesting.

"Nevertheless, the researchers said, some patterns emerged when the golfers, all men, were asked to lie in M.R.I.'s, close their eyes and imagine their swings.
The men experienced increased activity in brain sections involved in primary motor control, generating imagery, action planning and execution, and error detection, the study said. More accomplished golfers had less activation."

Wow, that's very much what I have identified!  Also the less activation with more accomplished golfers is due to the automation of the process, they use elegant strategies which become streamlined through the brain.  That's how the brain works from the research I have seen...the more efficient brain uses less!

Here's an article about the famous research work  done by Dr. Richard Haier of UC Irvine Medical School:

Dr. Richard Haier, a Professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine is the author of this and other interesting work. Haier's claim to fame is his use of PET (positron emission tomography) scan images of brain metabolism to indicate mental efficiency, a key component of intelligence. In 1988, Haier showed that smarter brains use less energy & real estate (brain area), as reported in Newsweek (2/29/88).
Haier's works using PET to analyze the brain changes of Tetris players were first introduced to the general public by Wired magazine article, "This Is Your Brain On Tetris", May, 1994. It was here that Haier revealed the importance of neural-efficiency. That is, give a smart brain a cognitive task, like Tetris, and it will quickly learn to solve it using less of the brain, less rigorously.

Less efficient (& intelligent) brains seem to have difficulty localizing the task to the most appropriate processing centers. Therefore, there's wasted brain energy & needless redundancy (noise) in neural-net processing activity.

Brain Myth
Conventional wisdom has held that the more is better. Ironically, the smarter the brain the less of it seems to be involved in any particular task. Apparently, when the mind starts to process a task it engages a greater area of the brain to "feel it out". However, the smarter (more efficient) brain-mind (hardware-software) system will quickly zone in on the most appropriate processing area(s) of the brain. Then, the rest of the brain is released to go back to its other functions, such as noisy chatter, or just rest (which is rare;).
Brain efficiency seems to be highly correlated with intelligence, or brainpower. Apparently, the less "moving parts" the less friction and noise! This would jive with certain research findings of meditators whose quieter, more alpha & theta dominant brains appear to be better at various cognitive & mental reflex tasks.

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