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Topic: Re:Cognitive Science, FA and
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 10/02/2003 00:09:19

If the outcome would be to get ride of AD.
I am not so sure about that.

Any internal state which we are aware of can be more or less into our consiousness.
Its important that we keep in mind the notion of learned perception and the difference between neurological perception.
You could say that learned perception as in why we having this NLP at all are to map things out to be able to do new things.

Neurological perception are the basic rules we have as humans. Those can also be influenced by practice. It isnt so long ago doctors claimed it is impossible to influence automatic body functions.

What we see are based on learned associations and blended FA and F2 transforms. No doubt there.
There is however a way of decoding that so that we can think and describe what we expereince in a way that helps us codify it and transfer that expereince for others.

My guess for example that startegies in NLP was born to the fact that John used a base on sensoryinformation and tracked that relationship to linguistic transforms (Metamodel) implicit.
After the metamodel the startegies and vak was bound to happen to be noticed since the know nothing state and only work with unconsious portions of patterns.

NLP would not have been born if not both Grinder and Bandler would been able to enter a unconsious processing and let that be the main thing they did for a long time.
The explicit mapping allowed them later to create the startegymodel and find vak as a base for human communications.

At least thats my take on that.

Entering a unconsious know nothing state you actually have acess to all resources, information and all other stuff thats there which you normally dosnt notice at all.

So entering a know nothing state would be to enter a pararell processing and get in touch with sensorybased information more than thinking about something.
The "about" is the key.

If you go in a raft and follow the stream until you get the sense of the flow of the water you get to know what happens and you need to be prepared for anything. Then as you stand ashore you can think about the next part or the part you have just done and then go back in and continue the flow of events.

Not a coincidence that the book is a whisper in the wind...

The thing is to get sense of movement and patterns in those movements then....
There is a wind of change occouring.

There is a two fold process here, one you are tracking a startegy which is linear and also at the same time something moves and that thing that moves is time.

So the basic senses and F2 transforms has a relation with time of events.
Entering a know nothing state allows the person to suspend time as linear events and be able to process and flow with time as a whole event.
Then there is no time.

Does this make any sense for you?

Allowing a modeling state and limiting belifs isn`t comaprable.

Science and those involved dosnt take for granted thats anything is possible.
They often know what is possible or not.
Sure it is pure nonsense.

James randi for example want others to prove special things, the trick is and it is a trick when he performs a trick and fool our perceptions he is proving his view and should pay himself 1 miljon dollars.

We are influencing things with our consiousness and removing that variable seems to be a mistake. Our consiousness seems to be most important to influence things on very small levels of perceptions even at quant size and even bigger as electrons.

Or maybe he should pay the monkey who made all other monkeys who learn to wash potatos.

NLP are already started to change the world in ways we only started to see a small bit yet we will notice things becoming more obvious in the next 25 years.

Rant off.


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