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Topic: supervised learning and NLP
Posted by: Ernest
Date/Time: 17/05/2003 19:44:29

This is a great Web Site and Thank you to MS Bostic, Mr Grinder , Mr Carroll and other NLP celebrities who have participated here.

You know folks I have been giving the following alot of my attention lately and I just want to express here my internal question to myself outloud. Maybe it will provoke or stimulate some thought, some interest and get some unqualified or qualified  outside feedback from you all.

My dilemmma:
I am begginning to recognize to myself that anothers NLP program or what ever you decide to call it(nominalize)coding system can only take me as far as the examples demonstrated by THEM  and to the limits of THEIR attention.
(thinking and feelings).

More generally through my recent stealing of some of the creators Bostic and Grinders knowledge/examples  I have had reached some limited success to 'get up to their speed' but only somewhat to what these creators are surely headed or personally they looking to accomplish for themselves and others.

However I must say I do see some downside to all NLP modeling of others like Bostic and Grinder and playing their New Code games or reading their new book. I do now recognize for me as a learner this personal activity of mine to pay close attention to this site and others thoughts  puts a limit to my owning my thoughts,my feelings, my perceptions etc. Sort of like a double edge sword
the dis-enabling behavior I say on my part that enables me ito be more descriptive and more well rounded etc.n b. So where is my state of absolute certainty or personal congruence? Always outside of me I would have to feel. Not a good place to be for me to feel strong and perfectly aligned I would say wouldn't you. Or is it a good place to start and be do you think?

My pressuposition.
If a programmer or modeler feels/decides/
and/or  thinks he is capable enough, the more she/he learns/explores
on her/his through their own experience they then have now more aquired the ability to begin to own the greater chance of making new discoveries and
then own greater chance of surpassing the original creaters own expectations or accomplishments themselves.

Question : Has this behavioral change occured in this field? In you? If so where? If not, why not?

just a thought

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