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Topic: Re:Re:supervised learning and NLP
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 13/07/2004 08:14:19

Hello, Ernest.

Here is a newstory that might be signaling the first crazy twist in the fulfillment of E.B. White's prediction:

"Transparent Desktop Opens Doors", on,1282,64129,00.html?tw=wn_10techhead

View the pictures associated with the story.  Full release of the technology is scheduled for 2008. 

To refresh your memory, here's one more quote for you from pp.151-152 of "War Of The Worlds".  Mark Slouka is quoting the famous children's book author E.B. White.

"In the not-to-distant future, White writes, our technologies, 'will insist that we forget the primary and the near in favor of the secondary and the remote.'  As we grow used to 'digesting ideas, sounds, images - distant and concocted,... a door closing, heard over the air; a face contorted, seen in a panel of light - these will emerge as the real and true; and when we bang the door of our own cell or look into another's face, the impression will be of mere artifice.' I see a time, White concluded, 'when the solid world becomes make-believe ... when all is reversed and we shall be like the insane, to whom the antics of the sane seem the crazy twistings of a grig.'"

It's interesting to think about what makes everyday life seem inside out, given what this videoconferencing technology can do, and the ease with which trial users are said (in the article), to adopt to it.  It's like creating a graphics interface for two people, side by side, only one of the people is absent.  Or like looking in a mirror, and seeing another person there....  Now imagine if you never actually see the person face-to-face....


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