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Topic: Re:supervised learning and NLP
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 17/05/2003 22:25:17

Hello, Ernest.

1.  You wrote,

"This is a great Web Site and Thank you to MS Bostic, Mr Grinder , Mr Carroll and other NLP celebrities who have participated here."

I like the site too.

2.  You wrote,

"I do now recognize for me as a learner this personal activity of mine to pay close attention to this site and others thoughts  puts a limit to my owning my thoughts,my feelings, my perceptions etc."

Ernest, here is a long quote for you, taken from text starting on p. 148 of a book called "War Of The Worlds",

"This, it seems to me, is the threat we face: that soon, lost among electronic representations 'just as good' as the real thing, we'll collectively lose sight of the fact that approximations and reenactments are a kind of lie, and that lies, even small ones, tend to create a climate increasingly hostile or indifferent to truth. ... How can we begin making our way back from the virtual brink? ... By returning, whenever possible, to original things; by recognizing that truth, and a respect for truth, are somehow linked to a respect for reality, and that respect for reality depends on a life close to the physical world. ...not the creation of some brave new world, but the rejection of one through small, incremental gestures, gestures as apparently insignificant as turning of the television now and then.  Or going for a walk with a friend.  Or spending the morning lying in a hammock. Or getting personally involved in some community issue.  Or stressing face-to-face meetings over interoffice memoranda. The incentive? ...

'Man's development,', wrote ... Joseph Wood Krutch in 1949, 'takes him farther away from his associations with his fellows, seems to condemn him more and more to live with what is dead rather than what is alive.'
...individuals, ... respected members of the scientific community, are simply asking that progress ... be aligned with human needs."

Real modeling probably is what humans need, modeling of ways for people to connect to the physical world. Not necessarily the deep of the Amazon rainforest, but at least the faces and places of your home and local community. 

Human needs are complicated; serving them through in-person_communication with other humans can be a real commitment for a netizen.  The internet should play a small role in a high-quality life.  (I'm still learning that the hard way, how about you?)

The WITW forum is a learning forum, which is good. If it becomes a place for New Code users to post written descriptions of their modeling research, that might serve the purpose of educating readers, without creating a bulk of quasi-personal communications.

Practice of the New Code is an in-person affair, right?  But written descriptions of it can have utility for practitioners of the New Code.

3.  Ernest, here's one more quote for you from pp.151-152 of "War Of The Worlds".  Mark Slouka, the author of "War Of The Worlds", is quoting the famous children's book author E.B. White.

"In the not-to-distant future, White writes, our technologies, 'will insist that we forget the primary and the near in favor of the secondary and the remote.'  As we grow used to 'digesting ideas, sounds, images - distant and concocted,... a door closing, hear over the air; a face contorted, seen in a panel of light - these will emerge as the real and true; and when we bang the door of our own cell or look into another's face, the impression will be of mere artifice.' I see a time, White concluded, 'when the solid world becomes make-believe ... when all is reversed and we shall be like the insane, to whom the antics of the sane seem the crazy twistings of a grig.'"

Real modeling and real use of New Code methods  (if you've had the chance to be trained in them)  could help a person in-person_connect to other people.  But just reading and writing on the WITW forum for the purpose of connecting to people ... can't. 

4. You wrote,

"NLP modeling of others like Bostic and Grinder and playing their New Code games or reading their new book...this personal activity of mine to pay close attention to this site and others thoughts  puts a limit to my owning my thoughts,my feelings, my perceptions etc. Sort of like a double edge sword..."

The activities:
- modeling a la Whispering
- playing New Code games
- reading Ms. Bostic St. Clair's & Dr. Grinder's new book
- paying close attention to this website

are all distinct activities.  Maybe like you, I don't have many opportunities to communicated with Ms. Bostic St. Clair & Dr. Grinder in person.  I, maybe unlike you, have had no training from Ms. Bostic St. Clair & Dr. Grinder in the New Code games.  Like you, I pay close attention to this website. 

Ideally, I will learn the New Code methods, and participate in one or more training seminars with Ms. Bostic St. Clair & Dr. Grinder.  Then I will write up some profound modeling research, and maybe post it here.

But as far as communicating across the internet goes, when someone posts to an internet forum, his sense of the personal significance of communications can turn inside out. No amount of writing (or media production in general) deserves a response of loyalty to the person producing it or associated with it.


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