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Topic: Re:Re:Re:supervised learning and NLP
Posted by: Ernest
Date/Time: 18/05/2003 13:56:11


I enjoyed your writings so far!  Great Job NJ !

All your quotes were great..Your representation are entertaining. I truly enjoyed your two posts and added insights. By the way Yes my TV is turned off even though my electric is still working.

But that reminds me  my computer is still on...H;mmm maybe I will grab my wife, we can 
go to Starbucks this morning get a great cup of java and  play and joke and communicate with some strangers instead of just hanging out.

Beside I will ALWAYS have the oppurtunity to decide to discuss and learn more about desriptions from others including rexent great topics here like NLP Changework vs. Therapy and Coaching, connection between state and context, first access, context selection,internal dialogue, mission and purpose, preprogrammed vs high performance states  etc. later this week if/when I decide to. Of course there is more I need to catch up for myself first.That Grinder is too informative and  too brilliant for me to mentally stay with anyway on this site!

That is for sure!  Thanks NJ

have a great day NJ
have a fun day all

I am out of here..


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