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Topic: Re:Reality / Ethics
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 16/10/2003 17:56:43


I think you misread what Carmen Botic and I proposed in Whipsering. We did NOT say that there is no objective reality - we said that given the state of knowledge about the impacts of our own f1 and f2 filters, we can't at present distinguish what part of our ongoing experience is associated with the world external to ourselves and what part is the contribution of our own processing - our nervous system. This is a very different position.

Stepping past this essential difference to respond to the spirit of your question, the description you offered of Buddhism and Hinduism are quite like feedforward filter or self-fulfilling prophecies. Consider, for example, the consequences of selective attention. Does the "fact" that we actively (albeit most frequently unconsciouly) select the portion of the ongoing flow of experience we attend to, relieve professionals in a change context of the responsibility to act consistently with the distinction between form and content? The question would then shift to whether we can learn to amplify our choices at the level of selective attention. This line of reasoning (for whatever it's worth) seems to lead to full self responsibility or fatalism (a form of predestination). Please comment.


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