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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Reality / Ethics
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 25/10/2003 22:51:10

Hi nj,

You wrote: "Frankly, if what you want is to meditate a lot, I think you're planning to waste your one and only life.  BTW, I am not a Buddhist."

It seems to me that there are many similarities between Zen and NLP....both New Code and that currently practised by others in the field such as Dilts.

The purpose of Zen is a to have a direct apprehension of "reality"....without any feedforward filters to get in the way. As such much of Zen training is about letting go of F2 filters and living increasingly in the present moment.,..from f1....or first access.

Zen mind, or "beginners mind", is a type of know nothing state enabling practitioners to experience and respond spontaneously to whatever is happening right now. Meditation as practised in this way is akin to the outcome of playing a new code game.

Much of NLP, whether New code or classical is centred around "state"....about choosing or being in the best state for the job in hand. Typical Zen meditation focuses on the breath as a means of changing and maintaining much so that it becomes an anchor for it. Of course respiration is part of the chain of excellence as espoused in WITW.

Interestingly, we could keep the form/process of your statement as above and change the content to read..."Frankly if what you want to do is to enter a know nothing state a lot, I think you're planning to waste your one and only life. BTW I am not a NLPer."

Some thoughts to meditate on :o)


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