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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 26/10/2003 00:11:40

Hello, Mr. Walker.

Understand that:

(1) I'm not a Buddhist, I have no faith in Buddhist precepts, and I don't think practice of Theravadin, Mahayana(Zen), or Vajrayana Buddhism is worthwhile, per se, for me or others to do.

I also think that:

(2) you can take a religious philosophy, distort it, and then claim that YOUR practice of it confirms a set of beliefs that you have.  Yet the set of beliefs you have are, then, not beliefs that the religious philosophy includes. 

If you perform activity (2), you can't adequately justify your actions, or your beliefs, by quoting from a text of that religion's philosophy.

You wrote:

(3) "Interestingly, we could keep the form/process of your statement as above and change the content to read...'Frankly if what you want to do is to enter a know nothing state a lot, I think you're planning to waste your one and only life. BTW I am not a NLPer.'"

Lewis, I think the know-nothing state is:

(4) a high-performance state. 

I don't think NLPers are know-nothings, and I'd be proud to be called a New Code NLPer.  But, first, I would need New Code training.

Lewis, I believe that:

(5) meditation, as practiced by Mahayana Buddhists, can be applied successfully as a method of stress management.

Other methods of stress management are better than meditation, for example, exercise.  Exercise is a better method of stress management than meditation. 

If you think there's something spiritual about Zen meditation, then you could:

(6) explain to me how practicing Zen meditation is spiritual (rather than just religious or ritualistic). 

If you think Zen meditation is valuable, OK. 


(7) the know-nothing state entered during a New Code exercise, and the states that Zen Buddhists intend to enter through (conventional) Zen Buddhist practice, are very different. 

I'm sure of the truth of proposition (7), even though I'm not trained in New Code NLP.

To reiterate:

(8) I'd be proud to be a practitioner of the New Code, and would feel good about having the skills of a New Code NLPer. 

(9) I would like to be competent at entering a know-nothing state, as part of practicing NLP New Code.

I have a question for you.  My question is:

(10) how is the Buddha's concept of reality, as explicated in the Pali texts of the Buddha's teachings, related to the WITW concept of First Access?

To answer question (10), you could quote an English translation of the Pali texts of Siddhartha's teachings.  Or, if you don't want to rely on a text of Siddhartha's teachings, you could quote an English translation of Nagarjuna's teachings.


ps: I don't think New Code NLP is a religion.

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