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Topic: Re:Modeling: ‘spiritual’ experience
Posted by: Jim R
Date/Time: 21/12/2003 21:06:12


I have to admit I find it amusing when NLP'ers even the likes of Robert Dilts, write about this topic when my guess is they've never put out an "ounce" of actual spiritual effort in their life.. Its not that I don't think they're well intentioned, it just that I strongly suspect that they've never gone out and actually met someone who has attained what a spiritual master would call SAMADHI. and modeled them, found out what they do, and actaully do what the spiritual master practiced/s themselves

Now,UNDERSTAND....I'm very BIASED about this having been a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda(,and whose meditation techniques I've practiced for 16+ years.
Even so, whether you were to choose Yogananda or another spiritual master(and "they don't just grow on trees"), it seems to me that its like any other modeling project-find someone who attained the result and do what they did.

Fortunately for those who would consider Yogananda as a spiritual master, he saved his devotees (and future ones)alot time and effort, and spells out what one needs to do to get samadhi.
In my opinion the "BIGGEST"  challenge I notice from postings  that NLP'ers have made about this topic over the years is believing that they have to practice only certain prescribed methods that will produce samadhi. *Most* NLP'ers seem to there's got to be a hypnotic shortcut,or think that they either need a custom tailered spiritual practice designed JUST for themself,one that's different from every other devotee or they won't do it. It doesn't matter that those same prescribed spiritual practices have been practiced by the very spirtual masters who teach them.
Finally, there's a reason spiritual masters don't instruct people to "practice a Dave Elman"induction" to develop themeselves spiritually- becuase meditation generates samadhi, hypnosis doesn't.

Jim R


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