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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Modeling: ‘spiritual’ experience
Posted by: Jim R
Date/Time: 22/12/2003 06:38:07

Hi Spike

""Do"! Find someone who attained the result and do what they DO."

all temporal predicates aside, I assume most people understood/undertand the meaning.

"How do you know this?
How do they know this?
Is it even true?"

if you really want to research this,purchase the book "The Holy Science" by Swami Sri Yukteswar(Yogananda's spiritual teacher).read Sutras 31,32 it explains in detail what happens when one becomes a jivanmukta. all true spiritual masters are known as jivanmukta(sanscrit term?). Yuksteswar was/is a jivanmukta and loosely translated it means "freed while living". its a reference to the spiritual attainment that comes with the highest level of samadhi aka nirbikalpa samadhi. its an attainment beyond cosmic consiousness. when a soul attains this state, they've mastered soul over mind(transcended/expanded beyond mind).one of the byproducts of this state is omniscience(all knowing).

all jivanmukta *know* about hypnosis, and have known about hypnosis for melliniums/ages.

Its a FASCINATING book that also translates much  biblical scripture as it should have been by someone who has actually attained samadhi and is actually in a position to know what the scripture really means.

but go get the book and read it; you may decide afterward that I'm full of s**t yet I'll let you draw your own conclusions. 

go to SEARCH "other authors" click on page 9.

Jim R

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