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Topic: Re:Formats for documenting NLP patterns
Posted by: Michael V
Date/Time: 26/09/2002 07:23:33


Good work on the diagram. I like it.

To build this into something more, may I throw in a bunch of questions?

1. Generality or re-usability. Using some of the Object orientated ideas I've picked up while coding, is it possible to have one 'do talking procedure' for any/all patterns? Now I realise, part of what we are attempting to put together is to get specific about what we are doing within a pattern. So I'm not quite sure how having generic sub-patterns will fit.

2. What's the pattern in generating the diagram? How specific/generic do we get with each cell/procedure?

3. Specification of the procedure in each cell. Does this become a diagram as well? Do we go the way of writing a human readable program code, human readable Turing code or something (don't know what, yet) else?

4. Other peopleís patterns of conversation. I might, for example, do all my thinking in one of the 3 perceptual positions. Which is a different pattern using the same sub-patterns.

5. One thing I've noticed personally, most patterns are much easily transferred in person as apposed to verbal/written. Which suggest to me part of the pattern is transferred non-verbally. How could we verbally code a behavior that requires non-verbal - such as 'running before the wind'?


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