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Topic: 6 step reframe
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 15/12/2002 23:39:57

Hi John, Carmen (and anyone else interested),

I run a small practice group and midweek last we experimented with unconscious 6 step reframing. I did a few demo's and my colleagues were amazed at the very clear unconscious signals they were getting. We each selected a context and asked to be consciously unaware of the choices. Each of us has experienced results,one within 10 minutes of completing the process!

One of my partners was tying himself in knots trying to follow the crib sheet and "get things right". I stopped him and did the process on what he termed his "exasperating feeling". As soon as we asked for the positive intention he had a massive physiological reaction - I'm surprised you didn't see it :o) - and with a huge smile said " I don't know what happened there...all I know is that it's sorted now!" He went on to facilitate excellently on his turn.

Having virtually always done this and similar processes with a fair degree of conscious awareness and intervention we all left quite excited about when we would discover the other changes that had been made.

We only had time for one demo of a New Code game using the alphabet chart. The demo subject felt very dizzy on going back in to first position and "didn't have a clue what was happening". When the dust settled the context had changed markedly with conversion to a distant panoramic view and a feeling of calmness to replace marked frustration. Very impressive!



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