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Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 27/12/2002 14:18:59

'2. I have no clue what you are referring to in your statement,

"So, in a sense, the making explicit of the involuntary signal may be more of a training issue than one of application, in the long run."'

Maybe I'm just mucking things up.  I'm confused a bit, I guess, about the training/application distinction.  It seems (to me) that some people in the NLP community think of the various patterns as recipes to follow each time they do change work, or better yet, a process-map to be followed each time, while others think of them as something similar to a karate kata, a way to gain each of the skills, as unconscious competency, as well as fluidity and grace, or like some of the scale and arpeggio drills a jazz musician may run in order to improvise better.  Anyway, at my level of skill, I should probably lean toward following the process maps, and setting up or looking for involuntary signals should remain, at least for now, a conscious act.

I really appreciate the time you take to straighten me out about this stuff!

Oh, and one more thing.  I finally got to the part of the book that talks about form/content as different logical levels.  Makes lots of sense, and it puts a lot of things together for me.


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