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Topic: Re:6 step reframe
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 18/12/2002 00:57:45


You wrote "One of my partners was tying himself in knots trying to follow the crib sheet and "get things right". I stopped him and did the process on what he termed his "exasperating feeling". As soon as we asked for the positive intention he had a massive physiological reaction - I'm surprised you didn't see it :o) - and with a huge smile said " I don't know what happened there...all I know is that it's sorted now!" He went on to facilitate excellently on his turn."

Isn't it great to see how quickly those unconscious signals occur when the elicitation  is clean - and that's the key. Self elicitation is not always easy for  people who are unfamiliar with unconscious signals. A guide is of great help to get started in eliciting unconscious signals. Practice groups provide wonderful opportunities for people to facilitate for one another and get creative and of the "crib sheet"

Bouncing off your post - I began to write about an experience I had recently when I did an anchoring demonstration without verifying the resource with the subjects unconscious and what happened as a result of this. I contrast the above with events that occurred the same subject in the same demo when I brought her unconscious communication into the exercise. The piece I wrote  is now 2 pages long. I will now make it a short article and call it "Anchoring with the Unconscious in Mind" I will post here in day or so.

Warm Regards to you Lewis


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