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Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 25/12/2002 00:29:07

John S and John G

There is an old argument in NLP circles that the six step reframe can produce so called parts that were not in existence before using the six step reframe.

This argument comes from the days when in the six step reframe step 4 was to ask the “creative part” to take responsibility for creating new behaviours to satisfy the intention of the original behaviour.

The argument is that if people were not aware they had a “creative part,” they created a creative part. Rumour had it that some people were walking around with lots of different creative parts in action, which stemmed from different six step reframe interventions –hence the so called fractionation that John S decribes.

If the above is true (people having lots of creative parts)- the Practitioner who did the work  severely misunderstood the pattern.

In the current six step format as described in Whispering ,  there is no talk of creative parts and in step 4 the unconscious takes responsibility and is calibrated to through involuntary unconscious signals. The parts creation  argument does not stack up, in the current format, because there is no mention of another part (unless you consider the unconscious a part)

The real problem is NLP trainers are still interpreting NLP from books like Reframing. Such trainers are really lost in the forest with serious bark burn.

On the NLP Practitioner training I took as student in 1996, the trainer did not teach the six step reframe for the reasons I state above. Soon after my Practitioner training, I came across some people  John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn from PA, who did not buy the parts creation argument and they had also adapted the six step reframe so step 4 utilises the unconscious and not a creative part. When I learnt the pattern, I was amazed at its effectiveness. Since then I have  advised practitioners and trainers who  claim the six step reframe creates parts to look at how they use the pattern.

BTW- when we use the metaphor of conscious/unconscious mind we separate the mind into 2 parts. The same people who claim parts creation is present in the six step reframe willingly accept the conscious/unconscious mind metaphor in other patterns 

All the best


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