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Topic: Re:6 step reframe
Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 24/12/2002 17:43:41

When I first discovered NLP I was very intrigued by this pattern, and since my practitioner training I have now and again explored this process with mixed, though often good results.

One question I have, for anyone who would like to answer, concerns the disagreement people have against the use of this pattern.  Some argue that using it introduces unresolvable fractionation in the subject, especially when it it practiced in conjunction with the parts metaphor, which is the way I learned to use the process.  I tend to use it more on myself, than others, and it's hard for me to tell, since I was a bit incongruent to start with.

Another thing, in trying to adapt some of the structure of 6 step reframing to 1st order changes, say with a swish pattern to keep it simple, would it be desireable, instead of setting up a yes/no signal with the unconscious, simply asking the unconscious to supply the desireable state image?  It is to my understanding that when one is asked for a resource or desireable state, that the unconscious is somewhat involved in the selection process, and that the use of calibration and the use of multiple patterns, say combining the swish with the new behavior generator, can help create a dialog between the conscious and unconscious minds by which more optimal choices can be made.

Any thoughts?


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