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Topic: Re:Re:NLP doesnt work!!!
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 22/05/2003 19:03:19

Hi all thread contributers,

The most clinically research validated and evidence based therapy currently is cognitive-behavioural therapy. Depending on the issue it can have a 50-90% success rate over anything between 10-20 sessions. My 10 years experience with NLP is that it gets very similar results to CBT over a significantly shorter time frame. Many of the CBT principles and methodologies share the same epistemological bases as NLP - this doesn't necessarily validate NLP by the back door, but is very encouraging.

I have used NLP - mainly classic code with lots of patients in the last decade and have longterm follow up. Essentially 1 in 3 get excellent long term results, 1 in 3 average to good and 1 in 3 nil to moderate. I used to think that lack of success was simply my lack of skill - however I'm not that certain many of the trainers I trained with with really significantly better - or got better results. Mostly it was about marketing and revenue.

The key to good results is to have excellent sensory acuity/calibration skills and be able to get excellent rapport. These go much further in getting results than mere technique! The rapport needs to be with the client's unconscious mind - not his conscious mind. Too many NLP wannabees go to a short course in the hope that all the skills will be unconsciously installed - a bit like having your head opened up and all the NLP stuffed inside. Really there is no substitute for prolonged and focused practice - and particularly looking closely at those clients for whom "nothing happened". You don't get to be an expert overnight no matter who you deep trance identified with.

I have little formal experience with New Code games so can't comment directly. However if anyone can get single session cures with psychosis, schizophrenia, manic-depression, severe agarophobia etc....let me know how you did it. This fixation about "if you can't do it in one session it's not NLP" is terribly limiting. Many of the problems are far more complex than the simple exhibition of one technique to magic them away. However I see nothing wrong in doing 3-5 sessions if need be....many get results in that time frame.

Sorry...gotta go as my practice group meeets in 15 minutes....(that is the real secret of skills development)

Regards to all,


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