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Topic: Importance of Emergence
Posted by: Charlie Conklin
Date/Time: 19/01/2004 23:39:17

Hi John & Carmen,

At the London NLP Modeling 1 seminar, you (John) mentioned that work on "RedTail Math" was mostly done, but stalled, due to the importance of understanding emergent phenomena. I don't understanding of the importance of emergent phenomena in your Epistemological framework, but am quite curious.

Given this, I thought I might offer a tentative definition of emergence as a starting point. Could you verify or correct this definition according to your understanding of the moment, and help me to understand its importance to your Epistemology?

(Definition courtesy David Deutsch)

Emergence: An emergent phenomenon is one (such as life, thought, or computation) about which there are comprehensible facts or explanations which are not simply deducible from lower-level theories, but which may be explicable or predictable by higher-level theories refering directly to that phenomenon.


- Charlie

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