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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Applications: E-Prime
Posted by: e_lie
Date/Time: 31/05/2004 12:04:32

Clearer than mud Stephen1.  I appreciate your response, now let's see if I can't muck things up a bit...

Interesting to see a bit of thinking here along these lines. It seems to me that the practice of Non-Identification is inherent in all of Applied NLP. Meaning that it is Level Three Thinking ala Bateson. At least it means that to me. The metaphors of Non-Identification and of LVL III Thinking. Embodying them... I can teach you how to do an enormous amount of what I know how to do without words.

So is this thingified process [AKA a nominalization- thanks Amilcar] of which you speak, "Non-Identification", functionally equivalent to teaching someone, without using words in so doing, how to do an enormous amount of what you yourself know how to do?  In doing so, do you not, as a teacher, first have to 'identify' nonverbally with your actions, the physical actions that you are/will be teaching me, my accurate performance of which will allow me to susubsequently 'identify', albeit nonverbally, the skills that I will have learned how to do as you do?  A process can be codified other-than-verbally as you are well aware and some of those coding decisions can be nonverbally 'identified' as containing unsane and erroneous cause-effect relationships, agreed?  Consider the case of the preverbal human, who badly burns his hand on a heated stove element and subsequently develops a strong and generalized aversion with respect to stoves.  He gradually learns to 'identify' the conditions under which the stove can be safely approached under many circumstances and to 'identify' the conditions under which they are not to be touched by the unmitted hand.  Initially however, he has only a generalized and erroneous nonverbal cause-effect belief structure, the verbal equivalent being something like: "stoves hurt me".  Oh what the hell am I trying to say...? ...that the naming/identification/anchoring process happens on both verbal and nonverbal levels...that patterns of semantically ill-formed cause-effect associations occur nonverbally as well as verbally...what?

Aahhh skip it! (X-{>


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