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Topic: Re:Changing with New Code NLP
Posted by: Louisea Marnie
Date/Time: 11/12/2002 01:33:51


I gotta say your article is fascinating stuff-

I met John and Carmen about 3 years ago when I went to a seminar they ran called Tapestry. I loved their style and gotta say I didn't know they were doing New Code NLP cos I didn't really know what any Code NLP was. 

I also knew nothing of Know Nothing states, I just joined in as a newbie to NLP and let things occur. (The only know nothing state I knew at that time was by using drugs.) I didnt try to understand the NLP points - I was there for a bit of a laugh - and partially to send up  my older sister who persuaded me to go to the tapestry gig, as her friend cancelled.  I was also a reluctant attendee and somewhat messed up 20 year old girl who thought I knew it all. I am now more level headed 23 year old woman- who sometimes still things she knows it all. I can't help that bit-- ha ha

Any way I stopped doing drugs after that course and stopped screwing around. I cant say what happened at the course  I don't really rememeber much. After the course - I made some decisions  and never really even attributed the changes in lifestyle to the course. But on reflection there was this one part where we got signals from the unconscious mind -I remember it cos I got this terrible feeling in my gut, the same feeling  I had experienced once when I had my stomach pumped. If anyone knows that feeling - you know its aweful. I nearly puked in the course. (sorry for being so explicit) I was well disturbed and confused, I was not expecting such a reaction- but I never touched drugs since the course.

The person who led me through the exercise was called Gino, I had never met him before and neverv saw him again after. If you come in this forum and read this Gino- I want to say a big thank you - to you and send you hugs. You were very skilled- thank you- thank you

The only downside is- I resist communicating with my unconscious mind- cos I hate that stomach pump feeling and really do not want it again.

Michael, your article prompted me to write this- i thought I would share

Be happy all you people who are so serious here-life is 4 living


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