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Topic: Re:Re:ReReReRe:Re:Changing with New Code NLP
Posted by: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair
Date/Time: 10/03/2003 02:38:57

Hello Gary

Based on the Chain of Excellence in Whispering, a separator state is any activity (simply shaking out vigorously as athletes typically do doing warmups, for example) that breaks up the physiology that was the basis for the state previously occupied that you are exiting. Such a simple and silly (and highly effective) action ensures that you will not carry material from the previous state into the next state, thereby preserving its integrity.

We would urge you to develop the ability to move from any one of the three perceptual positions to any other of these three priviledged positions. We would suggest that you learn to accomplish this initially with separator states and then subsequenly without.

We hasten to add that there are many other ways to accomplish such state transitions other than the separator state - indeed, if the physiological configurations that are the base for these three states (or any state, for that matter) are very cleanly sorted, a clean shift in physiology is adequate to make the transition without dragging along unwanted material.

You also wrote:

"Also after assuming all positions what is the next step say before sleeping on it? Back to the separator or anything but the solving of the problem?"

After having visited all three of the positions in triple description, you need do nothing else (except as you mention, allow at least one sleep period (or other form of unconsciousness) to occur. The point of this is to allow the unconscious, freed of the constraits of conscious programs) to process the enormous amount of information and the perceptions that you have collected moving through the three positions. This process (as we mentioned in Whispering) is nearly constantly present in the break through discoveries in, for example, mathematics. The typical result is a re-organization of the perceptions the generation of options (typically integrative) not previously identified.

All the best,

Carmen and John

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