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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Changing with New Code NLP
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 21/12/2002 11:55:12

Hi Jon,

I agree with all you say in your post. Unfortunately I have too little experience with New Code games to comment other than at an intellectual level which says that the more elements of your neurology you have access to at any one time the more flexible your behavioural response in a given context.

As I see it, all of these activities serve one major aim - and that is the development of a particular kind of state which has a here and now quality to it, no sense of self, and the ability to respond to novelty as it happens. I have been juggling for a week now and am amazed at my progress. Whilst there is little, if no linguistic element to it, there are certain state shifts which perform useful functions.

You are right that when juggling within your ordinary level of capability there is little of novelty going on - it is a comfortable feeling of being in control. However, at times, there is what I call the "breakthrough state". When I had plateaued at 20 consecutive catches I felt comfortable. Then, on one occasion I went way beyond that, up to 45. It was an amazing feeling of excitement, newness, anticipation, a YES YES YES!! response. My hands and arms were glowing and tingling, the colours in the room were brighter, with a sparkle, and I had the sense that "I could do anything". Now, if at that moment I had had a coach to step me back into a previously identified problem context I am certain it would have changed instantly!

I had the same set of feelings when I started learning to juggle with two balls in one hand. So I have been wondering, in the absence of a coach, how best to utilise this? One way is to hypnotically revivify the breakthrough state, build a sliding anchor and fire it off in a remembered problem context. Because the breakthrough state happens infrequently and unpredictably in real time, this might be another way of harnessing the resource and applying it with precision.

I also believe that there is a use for the "comfortable" state  i.e. when you are performing automatically within your skills zone. Take the problem of anxiety/panic etc. This is a state with little coordination of bi-hemispheric activity. Juggling in the comfort zone may well be extremely useful in this context, by focussing on a different set of kinaesthetics, attaching these to the problem cues.

As an aside, I have a patient who has had a major stutter all of his 45 years of life. One day when we had finished our consultation about another medical issue I asked if he was up for an experiment. I gave him two heavy bags to hold, one in each hand. I told him to focus on the feeling of weight in his hands as he spoke to me. His stutter improved 90% on the spot! As soon as he took his focus off his hands it returned. It was an amazing demonstration of a state induced shift, a bit like turning on and off a light switch.

If you have any more ideas on the types of activities that can, with novelty, task many aspects of neurological functioning simultaneously, please feel free to post them!

Best regards,


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