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Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 20/12/2002 22:16:41

Hi John,

Ref for Blindsight:

An excellent chapter in Phantoms in the Brain, V.S Ramachandran. He is a neurologist/neuroscientist who presents neurological pathways and functions by case history.  He cites Dr Larry Weiskrantz as the original investigator. As an aside Ramachandran has a fascinating take on curing phantom limb pain - with a cardboard box and a mirror!

Mapping the Mind, by Rita Carter uses state of the art scanning techniques to help explain aspects of behaviour. She has a few pages on blindsight showing that on fMRI scans visual cortex area V5 lights up in blindsight whereas V1, the primary sensory area for normal sight is inactive - so Carmen is right. Carter is more of an educated lay person read than a scientific tome yet I got a lot of really good information from her.

Re spatial mapping:

I first learned about giving 3 choices and calibrating to non-verbal yes-sets from John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn's tapes. I learned about spatial anchors in persuasion from Carmine Baffa (covertly) and then Tom Vizzini (overtly - made a lot more sense to me). In between times I watched Derren Brown, a UK based "psychological magician" who had a series of mind control programmes on TV. He was very subtle in getting subjects to choose whatever he wanted them to choose in casual conversation by fixing their attention and gesturing in peripheral vision. I ran videos over and over to get his patterns and practiced what he did. However, all of this was really conscious mind modelling on my part and to be honest my skills are still pretty rudimentary (and hit or miss!)in comparison to your diamond dealer and yourself. If anyone should have their name added to this pattern it should be one of the aforementioned highly skilled individuals who have demonstrated unconscious competence!

The above though is a lesson to me regarding the differences between conscious and unconscious modelling. I assume you became the diamond dealer, waited until you demonstrated competency then explicated the pattern. Whereas I laboriously went over Derren Brown's actions consciously attempting to "understand" what he did before trying it out...with varying results. You live and learn!



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