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Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 20/12/2002 17:47:05


Thanks for the comments on Blindsight - if you have a reference to get other readers started on appreciating the distinction involved, please post it.

It is interesting to me that the foveal visual system is referred to as the "what" pathway and the peripheral - if you have any background about how these designations were developed and applied to the two systems, I would be interested in a reference. It reminds me slightly of the conscious mind's arrogance in naming the hemisphers in which language is representaed the "dominant" hemisphere.

Your description,

"As an example...I often lay out the various choices my patients have in relation to the management of their conditions. I do this conversationally, marking out in a subtle way in the space around them whilst paying attention to their non-verbals of agreement or disagreement. Then I ask them what they want to do as I mark out the choice their unconscious has already made."

is elegant - especially in cases where I have little or no idea which treatment sequence would be most appropriate, I routinely mark the choices out spacially and simply calibrate the non verbal selection unconsciously by the client as you do.

As you correctly say,

"Of course I have experimented with deliberately marking out a different choice and it's interesting how many people will actually go along with that! (Obviously ethics are involved here)."

I have had the same response - can there be such a thing as too much rapport - definitely. You, as do I, insist on experimenting. Indeed, until I discover the edge of a pattern (under what specific conditions, does it NOT work), I do not consider myself to have mastered the pattern. I assume that you actually note which choice the unconscious of the client makes initially, deliberately choose a different one and note whether the client acquiesces or not - all this is for the purposes of educating me - and then once that is determined, I typically return to the first choice indicated by the client non-verbally. I actually picked up this pattern from watching a diamond dealer on the streets of New York. He would pull out (from his beard...) a series of diamonds and carefully and slowly lay them out on a small strip of velvet, using his peripheral vision (better, as you know, at detecting movement) to calibrate especially the breathing changes in the prospective client. By the time he had finished laying out the series of diamonds, he knew precisely what the first choice of the client was. Interestingly, he would sometimes remove the preferred diamond from the array and note the response of the client - which was enormous (relatively speaking) if he (the diamond dealer) had read the client correctly. There typically followed price fluctuations...

My compliments for a piece of elegant patterning -let's refer to it as the Diamond Lewis pattern.

All the best,


PS Carmen just called over that from her readings and several experiences with Blindsight, she has the impression that the visual system is actually reporting the presence of objects (especially moving ones) in the visual cortex and that due to organic (or whatever) insult, the images never reach the level of FA (that is, they are present on the visual cortex but do not ever arrive at the area which is available to consciousness.

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