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Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 20/12/2002 15:38:00

Hi John,

You wrote:"Is the Blindsight phenomenon a natural consequence of having two visual systems - foveal and peripheral? I had assumed that the person demosntrating blindsight behavior had the peripheral system intact or nearly so while the foveal system had been lost".

My references don't specifically mention foveal and peripheral vision, yet from a functional point of view this is what seems to be the case. The "what" pathway has visual associative connections which notice fine detail, discriminate between similar looking objects and help in the naming and labelling process - all of which seem key to foveal processing. The "how" pathway recognises location, direction, speed of movement etc, which we normally associate with peripheral vision.

Of course in most "normal" people, both pathways are acting simultaneously. The pathology of blindsight allows us to study the "how" pathway more independantly. I don't know of any cases with the reverse, though, i.e. intact "what" pathway and non-functioning "how" pathway. I'll search for that! The "what" pathway has approx 30 times more neurological connections and presumably dominates the overall perception of "outside" events.

I have been thinking about how this information might be useful in using visual anchors. In my experience, most people set these anchors too deliberately - with the consequent involvement of the other person's conscious mind - they notice what's happening! As I see it now, you can set these anchors with far more subtle movements that are outwith conscious awareness.

As an example...I often lay out the various choices my patients have in relation to the management of their conditions. I do this conversationally, marking out in a subtle way in the space around them whilst paying attention to their non-verbals of agreement or disagreement. Then I ask them what they want to do as I mark out the choice their unconscious has already made. Of course I have experimented with deliberately marking out a different choice and it's interesting how many people will actually go along with that! (Obviously ethics are involved here).

Studying the processes involved in the blindsight phenomonen has really helped me personally to get my message across to patients in a more elegantly persuasive way.



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