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Topic: Mission, Purpose etc
Posted by: Jane
Date/Time: 18/05/2003 13:09:50

Hi John

Your website replies and your book have been a great resource for me - thanks! If you can answe this one, you'll make a very confused person very happy....

When I was a teenager I decided to pursue a career doing X. It was an amazing, almost unattainable job that many people dreamt of doing. I just decided this was what I was going to do with my life. I never questioned it..and several years later I ended up doing it...and it was GREAT.

Now, several years later, I've been there and done that, and over the last few years have decided I want to do Y. Y is very different to X and is even more amazing (although for various reasons easy for me to achieve.)

Here's the thing. I've done all this NLP training (or after reading your book, what I thought at the time was NLP training) I've had years of listening to people such as Dilts talk about finding your mission and purpose in life - this great true path where I'm doing what I should be doing. So I've dipped my toe into doing Y a couple of times and I've had amazing success and it felt great. But honestly, Y doesn't always feel like my mission/who I really am. It feels strange and slightly weird at times. I would like to do Y but still feel like an X.  But isn't that because it's new and different for me? Or is it because it's not really my mission/purpose.

My confusion over all this has meant I've spent a long time hesitating over doing Y (the complete opposite of the model of success I created for myself when doing X....I've a suspicion that if I'd been trained in NLP by these people as a teenager I would have spent so much time talking to my parts I would never have achieved anything!)

So my question is basically this - is doing great, fulfilling work something that you create by a series of decisions and actions, or is it something to be discovered...something that's within us all the time. My experience as a teenager fits the description people give now of mission and purpose. The problem is, my experience now does not (and I know I'm not alone)

And here's what I really don't understand. Surely all of our beliefs, attitudes, associations, likes/dislikes etc around career choices are part of our subjective reality that we've created for ourselves. How on earth does this relate to finding some 'mission' or 'purpose' Aren't these  just descriptions of people who've found work congruent with their subjective reality....can't I just pursue Y and shift the parts of my subjective reality that feel strange about that...or am I denying myself my true purpose....

Thak you John


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