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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Postmodernism
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 29/05/2003 12:06:32

Hi everyone

This has been an excellent thread - here is my take.

GSM - I am not sure about what you call "Postmodernism" I do like to live in the "now" having set a direction in the various fields and adventures that I play in.

GSM wrote to John G

"My challenge is not to be as mutiplicitous about it as you suggest, but instead to focus on one field, specialise for an entire life and strive to become a genius in that field."

What happens when one gets bored in a field or the field changes so much that an individual seeks pastures new?

John G wrote "". that as you select your sequence of careers and adventures, you set yourself minimum quality and competency standards - this is to avoid falling into the trap of being a dilettante. This requirement will ensure that whatever X's and Y's you pursue, you will master a significant portion of them.

Included in John's statement are the following presuppositions
1. That you (can)choose careers and adventures
2. You select (can) your competency standards
3. That 1 and 2 combined (can) assist you to master a significant number of your choices.

GSM,  if you think about it, this approach enables you to achieve your suggestion of sticking to a field and being a genius in it and/or pursue different choices both personally and professionally.

The talk about purpose here is arbitrary. As always it depends on ones definition of purpose. To me selecting careers and adventures and choosing competency standards is  “living purposely using a full range of choices”  and a fine set of presuppositions that obviously include certain beliefs. The approach is not the same style as these long written mission statements people work with -which they forget about any way.

As I say, this is my take on an interesting thread


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