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Topic: Student of Everything.....Master of Nothing.....
Posted by: Mark MacLean
Date/Time: 21/05/2003 20:34:16

Hi John,

Could you say more about the "trap of being a dilettante", and "avoiding dilettantism".

In my experience...(and perhaps I'm just missing the personal reference experience otherwise)...I have a strong competencies in a number of professional contexts, and I learn with great interest about many other areas, and contexts.

As an example, were some professional discussing with me the process of hydro electrics, I would listen with interest, and ask questions, with the intention to build a very basic and rudimentary understanding of the system. This provides me with a reference as to how this system may relate to others, however I might not commit to fully discovering with great detail all of the complexities of a hydro electric power  station. Collecting these types of basic understanding provides me an excellent set of reference works which I can dip into when in social settings, as well as creating connections from many different fields. (from cars to computers to Castenada)

In my own experience, I certainly see the value of a high level of competency professionally, as it relates an exchange of goods and/or services. As well, I think it has relevance in the area of epistemology, the more you know about a certain set of experiences, the more references points and ways of knowing about that area become available. (e.g. I know I am a better farmer, because I have more ways of knowing what a good farmer is/would be, (by way of animal health, crop yields, etc.))

But, in addition to promoting these high level of competencies, are you also against a general understanding of many fields?



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